Madden 20: These players should be upgraded in the 10th-week roster update
Madden 20: These players should be upgraded in the 10th-week roster update

As the NFL season progresses weekly, more players change their Madden 20 scores in the 9th week. In the past, we trained DJ Chark, Christian McCaffrey, Chris Godwin and others, isn't it worth upgrading?

Houston Dessaud Watson (85 OVR)

Best data: broken bag (98), throwing the ball (91), throwing the ball (89), withstand voltage (89), short life ball (87)

Watson's career includes: through code (4, 323), through touchdown (32), pass score (107.1) and completion rate (70.2%), while passing 8.1 yards each time. He is also preparing to run 496 yards and you will also find 9 touchdowns. His style of play made him the leader of the MVP award, which not only made him get the promotion he deserved.

If he wants to upgrade, please raise awareness (83), short accuracy (87), medium accuracy (85) and deep accuracy (85) to improve overall quality.

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions (82 OVR)

Best data: throwing power (94), short hit (88), critical hit (87), action (86), neutral (84)

Like Watson, Stafford is playing the best football of his career. At the beginning of his career there may be incredible numbers - 5,038 yards this season, landing 41 points - but his football level is higher next year.

His speed is 4,998 yards (the second-highest in your career) and 38 touchdowns (the second-highest in your career). His career has a maximum score of 106 points, 8.6 yards per attempt. More importantly, his interception speed is only 10 times, and the man's performance is the lowest in the entire 16 games.

Carlos Hyde, Houston Texans (78 OVR)

Best data: Acceleration (90), Agile (90), Speed (87), Juke Move (87), Freight (85)

Carlos Hyde is underrated and he is still in Madden. The Texans have become the top football in his career.

He is second only to Lamar Miller (83) and Duke Johnson (80). It has 704 yards on the surface, ranks seventh in the league, and advances with 1,251 yards, which is the most effective career ever. His performance is comparable to the NFL's best guard.

Look for breakthrough tackles (82), pitch angles (82) and elusive players (79) as the focus of the upgrade.

Kyle Allen and the Carolina Panthers (62 OVR)

Best data: acceleration (85), throwing power (84), speed (82), short hit (81), medium hit (76)

He averaged more yards per game than Josh Allen (76 OVR) and Daniel Jones (69 OVR), and his touchdown/intercept rate was higher. He proved that he was able to throw accurately into the field, starting from the position of the Panthers center and achieving a 5-1 record. His throwing ability (84), short hit accuracy (81), median accuracy (76) and depth accuracy (70) have been greatly improved and must be set to 70 OVR (closer). Gardner Minshew II.

If they are there, they still need to update his face. More exciting, please pay attention to the update of GameMS. In any case, having more Madden Coins can better experience the fun of the game.

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