Madden 20: Server "maintenance" has affected franchisees
Madden 20: Server "maintenance" has affected franchisees

Last week, we reported an issue affecting CFM preservation. This process lasted for up to 7 days and communicated with EA. Although this note has little time for any fixes and some negligence in communication, it does indicate that EA should know what's wrong.

Madden experienced the first year of "early release" and the save created before the first patch may be affected. Every year, people who organize leagues are eager to travel, and basically only a few patients can wait for a few weeks of initial healing.

Undoubtedly, the unfinished game released by the developer is a game theme, after which they deal with early patch issues. In the meantime, they will find that the user reports are too high or insufficient after patching and are now done with the paying customers.

Although this provides some answers for the CFM player, the full legend further highlights the gap between CFM and MUT players. The amount of intersection between these modes seems to be small. Franchisees want realism and despise MUT's arcade games, which requires repeated challenges to clumsy big games. MUT players want to have fun and don't want CFM to develop slowly. The best way to get more fun in the game is to have more Madden Coins. And GameMS just has ample supply for the players.

But the key part is the fact that MUT players still pay even though the game is purchased, whereas CFM players pay only once. This is the attention of EA, helping to make sense from the business perspective. But both teams of players would agree the level of communication and service at EA really would need to improve to avert being voted the worst company in America again.If you want to keep an eye on more of the current popular games, remember to follow GameMS. Here to provide you with the latest game information and the most favorable sales activities.

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