Madden 20: Server "maintenance" destroys franchisees
Madden 20: Server "maintenance" destroys franchisees

For games, this is a relatively new situation, but with the next generation of consoles, we can now interact more with the cloud to get the gaming experience.

Madden is no exception, and many of the supported game modes happen with with support of servers running on EA Sports. Franchising is part of it, and many organized leagues around the world rely on these to run their games.

For those who have not seen or joined the alliance, it involves as many as 32 different people to coordinate themselves, each with their franchise. They can be stationed anywhere in the world, then arrange games, trade players and manage the team for glory.

Sometime yesterday, many players started reporting inaccessible. The league had to reorganize the game, but there was no clear timetable to determine what went wrong and when.

For EA, the embarrassing thing is that their support team posted some tweets, not even knowing that the Franchise has online elements. We have already discussed the gap between MUT and franchise. Since MUT is the place where EA makes money (pun intended), Many franchise players feel that they have not received any attention.

EA officially released and said "server maintenance" will start at 9.30 am US Eastern Time today. There is no confirmation that this is planned or unplanned.

This does not affect all franchises, which suggests that there may be isolation issues in some servers, but the current situation is that many franchise players still can't access their games and worry that they will lose all of them. Save and all the sweat And tears have penetrated it.

With the arrival of the weekend, the number of online players has also increased dramatically. In any case, for the player, the weekend is no more fulfilling than playing a winning game. If you want to have a better experience with Madden 20, you can find more useful information on the GameMS website, as well as the cheap MUT 20 Coins for players to buy.

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