Madden 20: How to get MUT coins for free and quickly
Madden 20: How to get MUT coins for free and quickly

If you want to get a MUT coin quickly without spending a penny, it is not impossible, but you may need to be patient enough to treat the game. If you are in a MUT coin, you can't basically buy anything, and it's hard to keep the game going. Many suits need to purchase MUT points, so you need to get as many cards as possible in the auction house with MUT coins.

So how can I get MUT coins as fast as possible?

Of course, if some of the little friends don't have enough time to play the game but they really like Madden 20 and want to keep up with the big forces, then you can also go directly to our official website GameMS, which provides the most popular and practical for the majority of players. MUT 20 Coins, but also get our exclusive offers. Of course, our GameMS is most concerned about the user's reputation, whether it is security protection or delivery speed, regardless of order processing or after-sales service, we are committed to the ultimate! Here's how to get MUT coins for free.

First, let's start with a solo battle. Every week, there will be AI-controlled teams fighting your small team to win Trophies currency rewards through battle. You can choose the difficulty level, and the low difficulty scores will be low. Therefore, in order to ensure that each battle can win, within your ability, try to choose a higher level of difficulty to play against.

Your opponent will refresh every few days, and you will receive 1,000 gold coins for a game, and as your record increases, you will get more and more rewards. If you are able to complete the game characters every week, then you can enter the All-Star Game, which will have 30,000 coins, 30 trophies and some open classes. A few weeks of accumulation will add unexpected gains.

If you have confidence in your skills, you can also participate in a face-to-face draft. The advanced draft will cost 15,000 coins to enter, but if you lose the first game, you can guarantee a return of 9,000 coins. The highest prize for six consecutive victories is 40,000 coins, 60 competing currencies and 6 packs. However, winning the grand prize will be a difficult step.

There is also a very simple game, which is a solo draft of the CPU, which is the safest method, and there is no limit to the number of times, but it may be a bit of a hassle, but it can earn 9,000 coins.

The draft ranking may be a better choice. If you lose in the first game, you will only lose 3,000 coins and still get a hail mary bag. The top prize is 30,000 coins and 30 competitive currencies and 5 packs. Rewards are not repeatable, but the accumulation of a few coin rewards is also amazing. Most of the challenges only need to win a few games. At this rate, You can play a lot of games in a MUT .

The above is how to get the content of MUT coins. If you feel that today's method is not enough for your curiosity, then you can pay attention to our official website every day to bring you practical information in popular games.

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