Madden 20: What you need to know about MUT Series 3
Madden 20: What you need to know about MUT Series 3

With the end of October, the MUT Series 2 is also over. However, in October we left a lot of wonderful memories.

In October, MUT focused on the MUT Heroes and Fear series, which is a series of interesting new cards and challenges. OVR players have at least 80, 85 and 90 players per 100% of the challenges.November will be the beginning of the MUT Series 3. For novice players, there may be no change, but for many older players, this means more opportunities and opportunities to pick up the lost LTD card.

MUT Series 3 was also released on November 1st, so what do you need to know? GameMS will also provide you with detailed explanations.

As we all know, Madden's competitive currency can be used to purchase 2 Series Master 93 OVR Melvin Gordon to John Madden Master and Midfield, Redzone and Touchdown packages. However, at the end of the series, all the trophies you get at the bank will be halved.

If you like to jump into the H2H season, competitive styles such as athletics or solo, then you don't have to spend too much time to rebuild the trophy. However, if you are a more persistent player, stick to the solo challenge and perform well in the solo battle, then losing half of the trophy will be devastating.

So the best way is to spend them before they disappear. You'd better buy a Touchdown Pack or Quicksell. For a 220-seat trophy, you can choose one of the three 81+ OVR Elite players or get a 65k coin sale.

The best option is always the quick sale, so if you already have 220 trophies but not enough (or no interest) for the Melvin Gordon card, you can buy as many Touchdowns as possible. Quicksell option. The GameMS platform is an open game store. Some players may only know that they can Buy MUT 20 Coins at a very low price, but they don't know. If you have the value of the product, you can also get the GameMS platform. Is it a surprise to sell the price? hurry up.

For 90 trophies, Redzone / Quicksell guarantees 25k coins or 76+ OVR cards, 3 71+ and 2 62+ cards. Midfield / Quicksell sells 40 trophies and has 90 million coins or 71+ OVR, 2 67+ and 2 62+ cards. These should be purchased (choose Quicksell items) until you can't afford it.

This is followed by a coin dial that allows you to quickly sell between 1k and 50k and get 10 trophies.

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