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How to improve your team power through lineup selection in Madden22

Mar 07, 2022

Linebackers are the most versatile defensive players in Madden 22. They support the defense on the run, do most of the blitz, and cover running backs and receivers in the passing game.

GAMEMS believes that the best way to get the most out of your linebackers is to enhance your players' skills with the abilities available in Madden 22. As the backbone of your defense, you want to give your linebackers the best chance to exploit the offense, while also aiming to mitigate any weaknesses in certain areas.

Football games are won in the trenches, and the best LB abilities in Madden 22 help you gain the upper hand. Continued pressure on the quarterback can have a ripple effect throughout the defense, and you can take advantage of the wrong pitches caused by the quarterback's rush.

Doing so will make your defensive backs more likely to stay with their receivers, disrupt the pitch, and even take the pass for a key interception. Edge Threat Elite combines Under Pressure and Edge Threat abilities.

It can be incredibly frustrating dealing with a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, who has a quick release and deadly accuracy and isn't afraid to stand up in the pocket. This ability will help you get into the backcourt consistently and thwart offenses.

Madden 22 has a variety of techniques to deal with the ball handler, each with its own pros and cons. Specifically, Madden gave a tackle penalty when trying to steal the ball.

Stripping specialists reduce penalties for tackles and increase the efficiency of taking down ball handlers when attempting to strip the ball. This can be a huge benefit when it comes to quarterbacks in the backcourt, making the difference between sacking and completing passes while reducing the damage from unsuccessful strips.

The best Madden 22 LB abilities will increase your tackle success, while things like Lurker abilities can help you fool the quarterback immediately after a steal. Strip Specialist and Edge Threat Elite can reduce some of the risks when you're looking to make big mistakes.

You have to consider the defensive scheme and tactics that best suit your choice and the strength of the players in your Madden 22 lineup, but these linebacker abilities can solidify your defensive core. And the way to improve team strategy players and so on is by using MUT 22 Coins to buy the player cards you need to achieve the lineup combination you need


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