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First-year QBs Predict What Their Rookie Ratings Will Be

May 20, 2021

With the 2021 NFL Draft coming to an end, the rookie minicamps for all 32 teams are underway or over. Voluntary training is the next milestone in the 2021 offseason.

In the NFL offseason, many fans are still very concerned about Madden's release and predicted ratings.

The rookie quarterbacks in the first round of this year include:

Trevor Lawrence

Zach Wilson

Trey Lance

Justin Fields

They all predicted their Madden ratings in 2021, which are:

* Mac Jones (Patriots): I think my 'Madden' rating will be probably a little lower than people will give me credit for. I don't like, maybe like, 85? But I know they're gonna lowball me.

* Justin Fields (Bears): To be honest, I think my 'Madden' rating's gonna be like a 78 through an 81. Of course, it's just because, rookies.

* Trey Lance(49ers): I think my rookie rating will be 88, because I can do a lot of things, I can make plays.

* Zach Wilson(Jets): My rating should be a 90, because it's like, OK but it's not great, because I haven't done anything yet.

The only quarterback absent is Jags passer, Trevor Lawrence. But what is certain is that his rating is likely to be out in the low 80s, because this is the custom for most rookies, regardless of his hype or draft position coming out of school.

Fields is known for accuracy on the court, and he is equally accurate off the court. 78-81 may be right for him. 90 OVR for Wilson, 88 OVR for Lance, 85 OVR for Jones, which all seems appropriate.

Madden's ratings will change with updates and adjustments, so these passers will get higher ratings at the end of the year than they started, which is a normal thing.

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