Final Fantasy XIV PS 5 may be brought soon
Final Fantasy XIV PS 5 may be brought soon

Due to the great success of Final Fantasy XIV in recent years, MMO now has a lot of active players, and its development process and the ideas of Yoshida and the team behind MMO are no small reason. With the release of PlayStation 5 less than 12 months, many have begun to question how MMORPG transitions to Sony's next-generation platform.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of Square's most popular MMORPGs and currently runs on both PlayStation 4 and PC. At the recent XIV fan party in London, it was reported that the game's most popular producer Naoki Yoshida (Naoki Yoshida) said that his team is currently working on a PS5 version. At that time, GameMS will also provide players with the corresponding FFXIV Gil.

Final Fantasy XIV has just launched its latest major extension, Shadowbringers, a game that has a growing and vibrant community and is considered by many to be the number two MMO in this category, behind the World of Warcraft.

For Final Fantasy MMO, jumping to PlayStation 5 seems like a logical step. Soon after the launch of Sony PlayStation 4, it jumped to Sony's current platform, and the PS3 version closed in 2017.

However, this will not be as simple as a toggle switch. Square will need to build a new server while ensuring that the game's newer console port connects to PS4 and PC via cross-play. For those who want a next-generation upgrade, a migration method is also needed.

We still don't know much about PS5 and how to deal with backward compatibility, but, understandably, the new version of FFXIV will be used to take advantage of the increased available resources. Needless to say, what appears to be the most powerful MMO in the world will only grow stronger. GameMS provides the Cheapest FFXIV Gil, and Buy/Sell FF14 Gil with safe delivery. We support 24/7 online service!

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