Final Fantasy XIV 5.11 patch description - it's simple to ride for the gorilla's palm
Final Fantasy XIV 5.11 patch description - it's simple to ride for the gorilla's palm

The latest update to Final Fantasy XIV can be used, along with the 5.11 patch focuses within the new Ultimate Difficult Raid along with the new manufacturing of Ishgard Restoration, and also the real highlight with the release is the modern mount. The patch description has little effect on balance changes, so don't expect any major updates for the course you select - I might come across new content.

It's hard for players to a breakthrough in the game, and it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain the character's daily needs. Buying food, potions, and equipment is a tedious job, but if you don't have enough pockets FFXIV Gil is difficult to carry out smoothly.

Although the total patch description for the official website only says new mounts are already added,the revolutionary rideable companion image illustrates this. Data miners have long discovered this person - apparently Ufiti,that is used being a Scips for 8,400 Skybuilders within Ishgard recovery.It's a gorilla that can take you to your side, and that is enough will be able to re-inject the FF14 bullets and levels into the current content.

Ishgard Restoration itself is something about crafts and collectors, and players can work together.DoH courses must collect materials, while DoL courses must produce materials themselves.Although more participants are involved in the construction market,the restoration of the sky needs to be done independently.

Patch 5.11 also adds Alexander Epic,a whole new ultimate difficulty team that can you to the clockwork dungeon and combines a group of opponents from your Alexander team.If you need FFXIV Gil, you can get it on our GameMS website, where you have the cheapest game currency and the most complete service.

Shadowbringers has become a great success among FF14 loyal followers, and recent additions,for example,Nier: Automata raids have been successful.The dominance on the game inside the best MMORPG appears to be continuing.

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