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FIFA 23: New Marvel Football Superhero Lineup in FUT

Aug 17, 2022

If you're a fan of both FIFA and Marvel, this news will definitely get you excited. EA Sports has teamed up with Marvel to bring a compelling new lineup of football superheroes to the upcoming FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

The soccer superhero lineup is made up of world-famous legendary players who have been given Marvel Comics cover-style designs and appear on cards that will be available to players as FUT 23 Heros cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The base version of FUT 23 Heroes will be available on September 30, which keeps up with FIFA 23.

It is worth mentioning that the design philosophy of these FUT 23 Heros cards corresponds to the characteristics of the players and the representative qualities of the career, we will see:

1. Yaya Toure as THE CITADEL

Even the most robust city walls don't stand a chance of containing Toure at the peak of his midfield powers.

2. Ricardo Carvalho as THE ANTICIPATOR

Agile, nimble and always one step ahead of all who seek to attack, Carvalho is the impervious head at the heart of the Portugal defensive line.

3. Park Ji-Sung as TIGERHEART

Infinite energy and a fundamental unwillingness to quit are among the enviable qualities that propelled Park to the very top of the game.

4. Landon Donovan as THE BRAVE

Decked out in the patriotic red, white and blue of his beloved home nation, Donovan the Brave is ready to give Captain America a run for his money as the USA's most staunch advocate.

5. Claudio Marchisio as IL PRINCIPAL

He is so proudly represented for the majority of his career.

6. Diego Forlan as SUNSTRIKE

Illuminated by his characteristic golden mane, Forlan harnesses the energy of the sun itself to power his attacks.

7. Lucio as THE THUNDER

Lucio comes rolling forth from the deep to strike a booming note of dread into the very hearts of all he faces.

8. Rafael Marquez as EL KAISER DE MICHOACAN

Master of all he surveys, the unshakeable Kaiser rules with an iron will for both club and country.

9. Javier Mascherano as OCTO-BOSS

Just when you think Mascherano has been beaten, outstretches yet another threshing limb to stop you in your tracks.

If you want to get your hands on FUT 23 Heroes early, you can always visit GAMEMS to buy FUT 23 Coins in time. At the same time, we will also bring you the latest FIFA 23 information, so stay tuned.


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