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Fallout 76 will be updated on April 12th

Bethesda recently announced that Fallout 76 will usher in a new update on April 12th. This update does not add too much rich content but focuses more on fixing errors in data and game settings that occurred during the test server.

Before this update, the game will undergo short maintenance, and the time will not be too long. If any players are following this update, please remember that Fallout will begin offline maintenance at 10:00 ET next Tuesday. Before the official update, the Bethesda Studios Discord will publish the details of this update, all we can do is wait for the update to complete and prepare to experience the new exciting content.

In general, the changes in the next update will not be too big, and the new content that most players expect, Test Your Metal, has not been officially launched. According to the game developer, although the previous test time was not long, this update collected a large number of game testers' feedback in the early stage and fixed and improved the major bug of the enemy's attack wave time. At the same time, it further adjusted the start of the PTS when critically hit bonus changes. It can be seen that Bethesda is full of confidence in this update. Players can try the new game's three new Public Events and give feedback to Discord, your comments and suggestions can help Fallout 76 do better.

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