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Fallout 76 player-made Math Room performs math to save lives

Mathematics Training Camp is a new type of trap made by players in Fallout 76, where you need to perform mathematical operations to save lives. When victims are unable to survive, there is a clear lack of movement. So Math Camp was born.

The unfortunate wasteland stumbled upon a building that looked like a school. Inside, they saw all the familiar traps in the remote school classroom-desks, lockers, bookshelves, and survival instructions carved into the walls. Now that the dummy is locked behind the mechanical door, the dummy has only a moment to receive information before the creator triggers the switch that fires into the room.

When the flames began to lick their feet, their only hope of escaping the digital dream was to keep calm and solve the following problem: 230 * 10 + 2. Typing answers on the keyboard will open the door to safety, and failure means they will burn.

The greatest joy of creating Math Camp is to give creators the privilege to see victims thinking wildly about their lives. The corpse may burn, but nothing can be brighter than the hope of survival. Players also seem to be interested in this way of playing. Fallout 76 is becoming an interesting game in the MMO. provides players with cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps. If you don't want to spend too much time in the game and want to better experience the fun of the game, then come to GameMS. Providing the fastest delivery speed. There are also other popular gaming virtual currencies available here.

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