Fallout 76 is forming a class struggle
Fallout 76 is forming a class struggle

The Fallout 76 players who subscribed to the controversial Fallout 1st paid subscription service formed the "Apocalyptic Noble", which seems to be hostile to some people in the Fallout 76 community.

GamesRadar recently reported that some Fallout 76 players are struggling to support the Fallout 1st subscribers. As the verbal attack on Bethesda begins to spread to subscribers, the player first tries to ease the tension created by the so-called class war in the game, which helps to create a satirical culture around the divide.

Then, starting with a joke, it quickly became a defensive small organization, because they did not choose to enjoy, thus economically supporting most of the Internet's infamous system.

With the influx of people, the dynamics have changed. Anti-subscribing players become so toxic that players can't even discuss private servers or accompanying bonuses without being insulted or yelling. The initial jokes quickly became a haven, and subscribers who were subscribed could openly discuss the topic of Fallout 1st without being attacked.

Naturally, the spirit and behavior predicted by the group is a range. They are satirizing elitism and boldly opposing the community. Others choose to stubbornly refer to non-subscribers as "farmers" and then double to "hidden under the skin of others".

If Fallout 76 did not hold a class war before, then the existence of the apocalyptic aristocracy proves that this is getting closer. If only Bethesda can know the cause of the controversy after Fallout 1st.

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