Fallout 76 Christmas event in 2019: Will Bethesda has another holiday update?
Fallout 76 Christmas event in 2019: Will Bethesda has another holiday update?

Fallout 76 may bring some festive cheers to win the support of the players.

Bethesda's two-tier subscription program (Fallout 76) provides excellent service, which seems to be counterproductive to the company, and the release of the game is outdated, as it is often difficult to issue. Since Bethesda wants to recover from the first tragedy of radiation, what can the studio do to gain recognition from the players?

Christmas events can solve this problem, aren't they? When you think of Christmas, you will be very happy, because at that time you can get more favorable game items including Fallout 76 Bottle Caps from GameMS.

Yazmat8 wrote on Reddit a year ago, dear Bethesda, we need an event. Searching for the red nose reindeer Rudolph, Rudolph is the owner of Krups. Complete the task of Christmas decorations and costumes. Super mutants wearing Santa costumes destroyed the camp. It sounds pretty good? So far, Bethesda has successfully integrated seasonal events into the Fallout 76 universe, but the Christmas events on the radiant wasteland do not seem out of reach, right?

The game's website recently released a special Vault bulletin announcement to celebrate the first anniversary of the game. Although there are no festival events mentioned in the post, these events are usually updated monthly - which means we can hear more in December.

Apologize in the post and point out that forward will more convey the timing of seasonal events. This is good news - this means that some content may be released soon. So, when can we expect to see Christmas in Appalachian? Mid-December.

Bethesda apologized for the termination of the challenge in the safe deposit box on Halloween and promised to return to the game soon. Bethesda pointed out that we plan to re-enable all of these features, including rewards, in mid-December. Besides, our next set of themed challenge plans will be launched within a few days. GameMS will continue to update.

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