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ESO Undaunted Celebration Event Is Live To Unlock Reward Box Until January 13

Just yesterday, the Elder Scrolls Online started the Undaunted Celebration event to call on players to participate in the PvE dungeons and earn unique rewards. Until January 13, as long as checking out the four-player dungeons with a group, or using the dungeon finder tool, everyone has the opportunity to get new rewards. In addition, defeating the boss in the dungeons will drop the normal boss loot, along with an Undaunted Reward Box.

Fortunately, there are two difficulties for you to choose, Normal and Veteran, it's all up to you! You don't have to complete difficult challenges, and your task is to take on Tamriel's four-player dungeons with your group, and complete the required challenges as soon as possible, then return with reputation and rewards.

Once the challenges are completed, such as defeating the final boss during the Undaunted Celebration, an Undaunted Reward Box will drop from it, and there will be many ordinary rewards inside it, such as Undaunted Keys, Undaunted plunder, motif pages, repair kits, transmute crystals, riding lessons, etc.

But if you are lucky enough to defeat one of the following bosses, you will get more useful and valuable items including classic Monster Weapon, Mask, and Shoulder.



Engine Guardian

Troll King

Similar to previous events of ESO, you can also gain Event Tickets for the next, soon-to-be-announced event when you complete the challenges. In the Undaunted Celebration event, the first time you kill the final boss each day can earn three Event Tickets, which can be accumulated until the next event.

Then, ESO announced that it will unveil the next chapter of ESO next week, the specific time is January 16 at 2 PM PST, at that time a new chapter of ESO will be announced, all the details can be watched via or Bethesda.

At that time, some special guests will appear in the stream including Creative Director Rich Lambert, ZOS Dungeon Lead Mike Finnigan, ESO Stream Team Partner KyleDempsterStudios, Kash from the Loreseekers Podcast. Once the Concurrent viewers of the stream reach 80,000, the Long-Winged Bat pet will be unlocked as reward, and reach 150,000 viewers, a surprise reward inspired by community submissions can be unlocked, so stay tuned.

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