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EA releases Madden 22 patch 2.08

Apr 22, 2022

Apr 22, 2022 Source: GAMEMS

EA released new patch 2.08 for Madden 22 on April 21st. The content mainly includes Franchise related services and some bug fixes. These updates will further improve players' love of the Franchise and add to the multi-scene experience. This update may vary slightly by platform, but the overall difference is small.

Madden NHL 22 has focused its game improvements on the Franchise since its release. As a rework of the previous game, EA focused on improving the functions and settings of Franchise mode in the game, so that players can get the best experience after choosing the Owner path.

With this update, players will get five new Franchise scenarios available, which are X-Factor Hot Streak, Team Turmoil, Unstoppable Force, Weak Link, and Bye Week. Each scene sets different situations for players to bring players an immersive gaming experience.

At the same time, this update also made Scouting adjustments, and the General Scouting portion will unlock 10% of the information for customers, and added Tier Bonus for scouts and target updates. Players will have more goals to achieve and get a lot of rewards.

In addition, in terms of gameplay, this update fixes one of the biggest bugs in the game: the red route WR screen issue has been resolved, and game stability has also been somewhat enhanced.

The specific update catalog can refer to the official announcement.

There's no denying that with this update, EA aims to prepare for the upcoming Madden NHL 23. So in fact, the scale of the Franchise's update is not large, and players' evaluation of it is relatively negative, and hope that Madden 23 will become more interesting next year.

GAMEMS will keep you updated on Madden 22 and will be able to provide you with cheap MUT 22 Coins to help strengthen Franchise's team. You can keep following us.


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