Albion Online Trailer: Avalonian Invasion Begins
Albion Online Trailer: Avalonian Invasion Begins

Sandbox Interactive today launched a new event in its sandbox MMO Albion Online. The event, called "Avalon Invasion," will bring the Avalon faction into the game. This is not a playable faction, but one player will meet his opponent in the foreign domain. It seems that the new faction has a unique energy, and players can harvest the energy used to upgrade various items after defeating them. It can also be used to create new mounts - Avalon Basilisk.

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Avalon people arrive in a distant land to fight. This ancient command has long since disappeared. It wants to take back its former possessions and will realize it at all costs. Thanks to their energy in the depths of the earth, their crossing may have a major impact on the Kingdom of Albion. In this new season, the battle may be even harder, and in the past few days, the game is expected to bring many new players to Albion Online.

The update also adds a new way for players to earn season points - killing Avalon Mage World boss. However, this is not easy. These bosses use a lot of beam attacks to cause amazing damage. Of course, if you manage to write them down and earn these points, new enemies, new food, new tools, new rewards. Then there will be new rewards. These lists are available on the Albion Online website.

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