Albion Online: The Grim Challenge is back
Albion Online: The Grim Challenge is back

Allhallows is going on fiercely, and November is also a great time for adventurers to challenge! Throughout November, "Severe Challenge" allows you to earn points in open world events, unlock treasure chests to gain valuable loot and receive pest lizards. We also introduced Adventurer's Tokens, which allows you to trade unclaimed Avatar Ring unlock items to choose a new ring.

Honorable Adventurer's Honor Award

Pest Lizard: This month, you will have another chance to claim a pest lizard, a fast-moving mount with two different poison-based attacks that confuse the enemy. (Note: In the absence of a formal combat mount, insect lizards are usually not available in GvG.)

Avatar Ring: A tough challenge avatar ring gives your avatar a dark, creepy aura. This non-tradable item will permanently unlock the first character of this avatar - starting this month, the unclaimed Avatar ring unlock may be traded on the adventurer's token.

Seasonal Specials: Unlock the "Severe Challenge" box and get mixed prizes. In addition to regular items such as silver bags, fame and antiques, and resources, you have the opportunity to match the plague doctor's clothing and the graves of the unknown and memorial tombs in the fallen furniture items.

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New content this month: Adventurer tokens

Since the adventurers who participated in last year's Grim Challenge can unlock this month's Avatar ring, we offer all players the option to trade Avatar rings that have not been unlocked on the Vanity Merchant using Adventurer's tokens. The operation is as follows:

Players can use the Adventurer's Challenge avatar border to unlock items on the Vanity Merchant for Adventurer's Token

Each border has an adventurer's token that can be bound to the exact same character

The first item that the token can access is a new Adventurer's Avatar Border, which may take 2 tokens and also guarantee the character's security.

Other purchaseable tokens and new items may be introduced in the coming months

Log in, enter the open world and unlock these fabulous prizes - remember the one-week Fame Boost event from November 4th to 11th!

Please keep an eye on GameMS!

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