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Albion Online 'Queen' to Update Eighth on January 20

The Queen's Update will completely transform Albion Online, a distant continent. Five major improvements are planned in this direction: new maps of distant lands, the possibility of establishing guilds there, new territorial control methods, and improved Crystal Kingdom 5v5 battles that give you the ability to own territory Participation platform, and Debuffs Zerg and Smart Cluster Queue systems can also participate. Additions listed on the official game page.

Despite many other features in the next update, the Far Lands redesign is at the core of our vision to provide players with a true hardcore sandbox experience.

The Queen also formed a new faction, the former Avalons, to restore their land. You can fight them from the new elite random dungeon. You will also have the opportunity to find the fragments of Avalon. Besides, your wardrobe, the charming stone has a unique look, and various improvements, including new cursors and keyboard shortcuts.

Albion Online is a fantasy MMORPG that, like Sandbox Interactive, offers unlimited battle systems and PvP battles in an open world. In particular, you can form alliances, build villages, and build various items and buildings. provides players with virtual currency for various games, of course, including Albion Online Silver. More and more players choose to buy game products on GameMS not only because of its preferential prices but also because of the professional service attitude and attention to the player. Welcome to join our GameMS family!

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