Watch Out! Best Trick Plays In Madden 21
Watch Out! Best Trick Plays In Madden 21

Madden 21 brings all the elements that players love, but a new game mode has been added in The Yard, reminiscent of the era of backyard football. The Yard can stand out from the typical Madden experience is that its gameplay is mainly based on the use of trick plays to create offensive things, but this does not mean that the traditional 11-on-11 Madden gameplay itself lacks trick plays of skill.

Fake Reverse

The Fake Reverse is a gameplay, in which you need to patiently practice it in your mind. At the beginning of the play, pay attention to the shift of defense. You won't get a lot of blocking help on this play, but as long as your running back can wait for the defensive players to get clogged up, a quick sidestep should allow you to find an open lane to run right through. After trying one or two normal reverse plays, the Fake Reverse will be particularly effective.

PA Jailbreak Screen

PA Jailbreak Screen is a more effective screenplay in the game, especially when facing a zone defense. You may need to buy a bit of time in the pocket with your quarterback, but if you can pass, you should have a wideopen field with multiple blockers at your disposal.

Fade HB Wheel

For this play, you will want to give the quarterback enough time to run to the same side of the field as the running back's route. Assuming they are single-coverage, a lob pass should make the ball fall in the hands of the receiver, and the receiver is likely to exceed his coverage. Of course, your quarterback might run for the first down, but the touchdown is more interesting.

Flex WK Redzone HB Corner

Similar to the wheel route, this play is effective against single-coverage. This play is more effective if you have a quick running back covered by a linebacker. If you can give the ball some time after hiking the ball, your running back should be wide open around the first down marker. The rest of the receiver routes take defenders away from the other side of the field, which means you should be able to run into the endzone unhindered.

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