They Deserve Higher Ratings- The Underrated Players In Madden 21 
They Deserve Higher Ratings- The Underrated Players In Madden 21 

Madden 21 has released player ratings, and we found some players who the team at EA Sports was too low on, including some who may be ranked in the top three in their positions.

1. James White- 82

   Team: New England Patriots

Without a doubt, James White is New England Patriots' most dangerous offensive player on offense. Therefore, his rating is only 82, which is confusing.

2. Nick Bosa- 89

  Team: San Francisco 49ers

89 is not a low rating, but for Nick Bosa, he deserves a higher rating. He may be the best edge-rusher in football and deserves the elite Madden status granted to guys like Khalil Mack and Cameron Jordan.

3.T.J.Watt- 86

    Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Walter's 86 rating is a bit confusing. He has become one of the greatest defensive disrupters in the National Football League. Watt is the fourth-best outside linebacker in the NFL. However, Madden 21 ranked him seventh, far below the top three where everyone is 95 Or above 95.

4. Deshaun Watson- 86

   Team: Houston Texans

Since the reveal of Madden 21, Deshaun Watson has received the most attention. His placement among the quarterbacks isn't that far off with Madden giving special nods to future Hall of Famers like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers. But to suggest Watson is four rating points behind Brady at this point is a stretch.

5. A.J.Brown- 81 

  Team: Tennessee Titans

Nothing is worse than this. A.J. Brown made the case that he is one of the 20 best receivers in the NFL last season. However, you must go to the third page of wide receivers to find him in Madden ratings. His rating is lower than Will Fuller V's.

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