NBA 2K21: The Easy Way To Boost My Player Core Stats!
NBA 2K21: The Easy Way To Boost My Player Core Stats!

The core data of MyPlayer is essential to help players grow their roster in NBA 2K21. Players' data is measured and reflected based on their realization during the actual NBA season. This is why customers line up for the next big NBA title every year. This guide will help gamers build their custom character skills and statistics in NBA 2K21.

The core stats are divided into 5 different categories, Speed, Acceleration, Strength, Vertical and Stamina. To increase these, gamers will need to purchase attribute points with VC. The best way for players to unlock VC is through practice and playing games. Not only that, but players can also visit Gatorade Training Facilities once a day. This will give players some training exercises to increase certain attributes with the mini-games. Although, these can only be done once a day in a week. Be sure to check this every day to get some easy stat boosts.

Although NBA 2K21 did not completely reinvent the wheel in this series, it does have many improvements in almost every form of its previous entries. The shooting mechanic is tighter and more accurate, the MyCareer mode builds an interesting underdog story, and the meta continues to evolve keeping players invested in competitive play. Although this game will be outdated immediately when the next title is released in 2021, it is still an interesting season for players who want to play it from start to finish.

If some players are a little disappointed with it, they can only wait for the follow-up patch of NBA 2K21, hoping that the game will get better and better. GAMEMS will also continue to follow the news of NBA 2K21.

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