NBA 2K21 Offense Controls: How To Pick and Roll or Fade?
NBA 2K21 Offense Controls: How To Pick and Roll or Fade?

Pick-and-roll is a very popular move in basketball. It allows players to make room for the offense. It allows players to set a pick for the ball-handler and then move to the basket for a layup. It can also set a wide-open shot somewhere.

So, how to pick and roll in NBA 2K21?

The offense control of NBA 2K21 may be similar to that of NBA 2K20, which includes setting up and using a pick-and-roll. Obviously, you need to be on the offense and be the player handling the ball. Once you have reached the preferred area of the court (usually near or near the top of the three-point area or around there), hold the L1 on the PS4 controller or the Left Bumper on XBOX ONE controller. This requires your teammate to set a pick.

The player setting the pick will have a small pop-up options menu appear with them. They'll move up to give a pick on the defender near the ballhandler.

Wait for the player to set the pick to"roll", you should see your teammate who set the pick roll/move towards the basket. Press the X button on PS4 or A button on XBOX ONE to quickly pass to the moving teammate.

Changing screen location, pick and fade play

It's possible to switch which side your teammate will set a pick for you on. This is helpful if you notice a weak side on the court in terms of defensive set up.

To change which side of the screen/pick set:

                                                      Hold L1 (PS4) or LB (Xbox One) while handling the ball to call for a pick.

                                                      Press in the Left Stick on your controller. This adjusts the pick to be set on either the right or the left side of the opponent defending the ballhandler.

In addition, you can call for a pick and fade rather than a pick and roll. To do this, yo'll want to do the following:

                                                     Hold down the L1 button on PS4 or LB on Xbox One to call for the pick.

                                                     Your teammate will move into a position to set the screen. While still holding L1, hold R1 on the PS4 controller or RB on the Xbox One controller.

If done correctly, your teammate won't roll towards the lane and the basket. Instead, they'll fade back a bit off the pick for an open shot. This particular play is especially good to use on NBA 2K21 offense controls to set up a teammate for an open outside shot.

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