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NBA 2K21: My Team Limited Event Stipulations Set For September 4 to 6

Sep 04, 2020

Sep 04, 2020 Source: GAMEMS

NBA 2K21 will be released soon. Compared with the existing My Team Unlimited mode, the new gameplay of this 2K card collector will only appear on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and there will be different stipulations and limitations every week.

The stipulations for the opening week are as follows: Only one player in your lineup can be a Ruby or higher. The rest must be a Sapphire or lower, and each player must be from the 2020 NBA playoff team. Finally, in this event, you are not allowed to use any Free Agent cards.

These stipulations should not impose too many restrictions on most players, because almost no one will have a lot or more rubies or higher available. This is a good indoctrination of the limited mode, which is essentially 2K's answer to the Salary Cap concept.

The goal of every Limited session is to win the Championship ring. Every time you pick up a W, you have a chance to win a ring. During a MyTeam season, you can win a total of six rings. If you win all six rings, you can get prizes related to that season. The prize for this season is a Pink Diamond Ralph Sampson card.

In short, let us look forward to the release of NBA 2K21, we will continue to pay attention to the news of NBA 2K21.

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