NBA 2K21 Guide: The Neighborhood Mode Changes
NBA 2K21 Guide: The Neighborhood Mode Changes

Last week, 2K Games released a trailer featuring Zion Williamson as the featured athlete, which might imply that he will become the cover athlete of NBA 2K21, the specific details will be announced in July reveal event, and the versions of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are set to release in September.

This has been confirmed that NBA 2K21 will also release the next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions, apart from the existing ones.

Another huge change in NBA 2K21 is the Neighborhood through the trailer, which will not only be renamed, but also the content will be changed a lot along with the release of next-gen consoles.

The Neighborhood is a game mode allowing players to engage various activities including basketball games, ride bikes, buy clothing and more to pick up matches, earn reputation, gain unlocks and explore other areas.

According to what we already know, the Neighborhood will be renamed in NBA 2K21. The City is the most highly anticipated new name, obviously, this will increase the area of game mode full of more explorable content, such as basketball courts and mini-games, allowing players to have a better gaming experience in it.

The new Neighborhood will also give players more opportunities to customize, the players can customize the look and feel of their apartments, just like the penthouse in the previous NBA 2K  games.

As the Neighborhood will be transformed into a larger scale, it will bring more features to attract players, which will be a highlight of NBA 2K21 and become a favorable advantage to compete with the current things.

When it comes to the virtual currency in NBA 2K21, it will have a greater function in the game modes.

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