NBA 2K21 Franchise Mode Features Fans Expected
NBA 2K21 Franchise Mode Features Fans Expected

Recently, the 2K Games released a short trailer, where New Orleans Pelicans star forward Zion Williamson was exceedingly sweating beads, simply dribbling, shooting and dunking in an empty gym, revealing that the NBA 2K21 would be released with the next-generation PlayStation 5.

Fans are very confident that NBA 2K21 will be released as scheduled this year, long with more platforms, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, as well as PlayStation 5. of course, some game modes will also changed a lot, such as the features they expect to see in 2K21 Franchise Mode.

My Court
As My Court customization allows players to customize music, buy and unlock mini-games, and the apartment with framed jerseys, basketballs, pennants and even snow globes.

In the gym, everyone could change the scoreboard or flooring of the basketball court, and in order to unlock My Court customization, you must complete a series of challenges and progression, at least in NBA 2K20 it works this way, players have responded well to it and expect to still doing the same thing in NBA 2K21.

Park Affiliations
With Park Affiliations in Franchise Mode, it allows players to join different groups to gain reputation, progress and play in tournaments. That is, the mode gives players more opportunities to improve their characters, and they do not need to complete simple repetitive tasks.

This is expected that players can make great progress in every game of NBA 2K21, which can not only enhance the characters' strength, but also expand the competition between the games.

All-Star Weekend
This is one of the best weekends in all of sports, providing the prize of best All- Star event, moreover, it offers the events that fans like most, including dunk contest, three-point contest, skills contest, celebrity game and more, and everyone could play with friends both online and off to receive the rewards.

Obviously, it would gain a lot if using NBA 2K21 MT in these mode, now the release date of NBA 2K21 has not been confirmed, so we don't know which ones will be changed or improved.

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