NBA 2K20 League Season Will Return On May 5 To Play Remotely
NBA 2K20 League Season Will Return On May 5 To Play Remotely

After some NBA players were tested positive for the coronavirus, the NBA 2K League suspended its season, and up to now, NBA 2K finally announced to bring back its next season on May 5, playing remotely.

NBA fans miss any live games very much, but due to the coronavirus pandemic that is still at its peak, virtual competition as the NBA 2K20 League will continue in the coming months.
Starting May 5, the NBA 2K League will last for no less than 6 weeks of remote gameplay, and will be broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube channels.

Games will start at 7 PM from Tuesday to Friday, and four matchups per night, and each team will play eight matches in a best-of-three format during the first six weeks of remote gameplay until June 12.

All 23 NBA 2K League teams compete in the season, many NBA big names have once participated in NBA 2K20 tournament, they would talk smack to each other during its season.
With the increasing popularity of e-sports, the NBA 2K League has become a pastime for current young people, especially in this special period without live games. In short, we are all looking forward to the NBA 2K League season, watching the NBA players competing online.

More news from the NBA 2K League, "Our players(NBA Players) have been quarantining with their teammates as they prepare for the season and will now have the opportunity to compete against one another and show they are the best players in the world."

NBA 2K has always provided a fun way for fans to stay connected and engage with the league during these unprecedented times, which is why there are always many players playing NBA 2K.

You are welcome to watch the NBA 2K League season after May 5 and play NBA 2K20 in person for more fun.

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