NBA 2K League Week 1 Results Through ESPN2
NBA 2K League Week 1 Results Through ESPN2

Starting from May 5, EA brought back the NBA 2K League, which will last for six-week remote matches, and now it is in the Week 1, and the games will be aired through ESPN2, and ESPN app.

From now through May 19 , NBA 2K League will be aired on ESPN2 every Tuesday, which is the first time that the NBA 2K League is aired live on TV in the US, and NBA 2K League games will also be shown on the and app on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.

Now let's have a look at the results of NBA 2K League on the evening of May 6 through ESPN2, and there were eight teams in action and four games on the schedule.

Magic Gaming vs. Bucks Gaming: 74-64, 66-63
Pacers Gaming vs. Heat Check Gaming: 62-62, 60-56, 79-54
Hornets Venom Gaming vs. Cavs Legion: 65-56, 73-58
Raptors Uprising vs. Wizards District Gaming: 64-67, 67-66, 73-63

NBA 2K League has a good start, and these NBA players continue their strong momentum on the field and show wonderful games.

Affected by the COVID-19, the traditional sports leagues had to be stopped and turned to e-sports. Although NBA 2K has established an esports footprint a couple of years before that, and it was indeed the first time that the NBA 2K League debuted on ESPN2 with its season-opening games, there will be more matches to broadcast throughout the season on ESPN, which proves that the development of e-sports has come a rising period.

One after another, we will broadcast the game results of more weeks, surely, you can also play NBA 2K with these NBA players in the virtual world.

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