NBA 2K Halted Online Games For Two Hours In Floyd Memorial Service, Calling For Black Lives Matter
NBA 2K Halted Online Games For Two Hours In Floyd Memorial Service, Calling For Black Lives Matter

The death of George Floyd caused a huge panic throughout the US, people commemorated him through the protest and opposed the differential treatment and prejudice between different races. The NBA 2K community also responded positively, and NBA 2K20 players also protested in a unique way a few days ago.

On Thursday, June 4, Floyd's family held a memorial service for him, and NBA 2K also halted online games for two hours, from 2 to 4 PM ET.

NBA 2K, the popular basketball video game has fully expressed its position, supporting the black people to call for racial justice in the USA.

Moreover, NBA 2K also allows their characters to put on the T-shirts printed by "Black Lives Matter"and "I Can't Breathe" in the Neighborhood Game mode, where players can roam and interact with each other at will, expressing anger that black man George Floyd was beaten to death by the police.

It is not just a slogan to fight against racism, but also financial contribution. 2K added $1 million to the 2K foundations program on June 3 to help black communities around the world fight racial injustice and inequalities. Black Lives Matter.

Generally speaking, the black already occupy a considerable part of the population of the US, including many NBA star players, but racial discrimination has always been a sensitive and urgent issue to be solved. The Floyd death as a fuse completely caused black people's dissatisfaction with the local government and a huge social conflict or division. At present, the situation is still in the process of further fermentation, and we are all looking forward to a pleasant ending.

As can be seen from that, the NBA 2K is indeed a game worth playing, it is not just a game of a region or a country, but an institution that can maintain sufficient reason and judgement in global issues.

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