Marquise Brown Won Madden 20 Celebrity Tournament With 25,000 Prize Pool
Marquise Brown Won Madden 20 Celebrity Tournament With 25,000 Prize Pool

Earlier we mentioned that EA developed Madden NFL 20 Celebrity tournament with a $25,000 prize pool to donate to Feeding America. Last Sunday afternoon, the final of Madden NFL 20 Celebrity tournament came to a dramatic close and was broadcast via ESPN, when Hip-hop Snoop Dogg battled against Baltimore Ravens Marquise "Hollywood" Brown and one of the two gamers taking home the title of the best celeb in the tourney.

Finally, Marquise Browns ran in the ESPN Madden NFL 20 Celebrity Tournament with the finals and won over Snoop Dogg, who have built a 12-point halftime lead using the San Francisco 49ers. EA donated $25,000 in his name to provide relief to families in need during the ongoing coronavrius pandemic. Now let's review their respective performances during the tournament.

Early in the first, Snoop has already led 7-0 with the 49ers, and Marquise Brown followed and scored a few points, by the end of the first, Snoop and Marquise Brown are 14-8. Until the second, the Dogg kept scored making it 21-8.

With less than a minute in the first half, Browns was successfully stop Snoop and make the score 21-16 to end the half.

In the second half, Brown continued to pursue using the Oakland Raiders playbook and kept the situation of two scores behind. Another interception for the Ravens and another LJ 8 touchdown made it 38-28 in favor of Brown over Snoop towards the end of the third quarter.

On the final play, Brown put the hurt on with another two-point conversion to make it 60-42 and ended the thrilling finale.

The achievements of Brown are inseparable from his hard work, who trains every day and accumulated a lot of experience to Madden.

Madden 20 is such a popular game, combining real players and video games, where you can experience the feeling of sprinting in the stadium. In this special period without live sports games, there are various tournaments in Madden 20 to create fun for you to participate.

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