Madden Wouldn't Accept Deandre Hopkins Trade Due To Its Unfairness
Madden Wouldn't Accept Deandre Hopkins Trade Due To Its Unfairness

The Houston Texans were widely panned by fans and players after sending superstar receiver DeAndre Hopkins packing in a trade to the Arizona Cardinals on Monday, the trade in full consisted of the Texans sending Hopkins and a fourth-round pick to Arizona in exchange for David Johnson, along with a second-round pick and a fourth-round pick.

It's obvious that the trade certainly seemed one-sided in favor of the Cardinals, so Madden wouldn't accept the Deandre Hopkins trade when Will Brinson of CBS Sports tried to pull it off in the virtual realm. That is, fans can't make the exact same trade that not allowed by Madden through video games.

So, why did Houston Texan's make such a trading decision? It's hard to figure out what the Texans were thinking here, or maybe the Texans just make a test.

Madden made the trade little sense, while the Cardinals appear to have worked out beautifully and sets up the team's burgeoning offense, even though it throws in a 2020 second-round pick and a 2021 fourth-round pick, the Cardinals are also expected to get a huge leap in 2020.

As for the trade, the fans entered the agreed terms of Madden to make it happen, but all get refused without any reason.

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