Madden NFL 21 The Rams' New Uniforms Unveiled
Madden NFL 21 The Rams' New Uniforms Unveiled

On Twitter of Wednesday, the Los Angeles Rams released a newly designed uniform ahead of the opening of the most high tech stadium in the NFL later this year.

Although we can't see the Rams players wearing the uniforms by now, but fans have already received a sneak peak of the uniform through a video shared by the Rams.

As the U.S is in a period of self-quarantine affected by the coronavirus, the nationwide recreational activities are temporarily suspended, and the new uniform is also inspired by the social distancing measures in California, giving fans a glimpse at how the Rams will look in the next iteration of Madden NFL.

Watch the video carefully, blue and yellow are the best match by far, along with the patches on the chest, the curves in the numbers and the metallic helmets, which would be worn by the players during Madden NFL 21 this summer.

Madden 21 will be released about in August 2020, while most sports activities can not be released as scheduled, EA Sports does not cause any delay to the release of Madden 21, that is to say, your character would soon put on the uniforms.

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