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Madden NFL 21: The Best Prototypes For The Yard

Aug 26, 2020

So far, the biggest decision you'll have to make in Madden 21 is choosing which prototype to follow for your created player in The Yard. These prototype work like skill trees. If you can maximize them, your own star will be able to play like other future Hall of Famers. However, this is not why it is so influential. In each set of challenges, you will draft around the player's prototype. Facing the most difficult challenge in the game, you have to choose wisely, otherwise, you will always lose in the game that provides the main rewards.

Truzz- Lamar Jackson Prototype

This is the first choice you'll see, and it may be the most tempting one. Truzz allows the player you create to become the star of the show because its speed proves a huge advantage in this fast gaming experience. Its main ability is "First One Free". In the first juke, he will be awarded a high fakeout rate. The speed and finesse running can reach the maximum when filling 4 skill slots, and the accuracy isn't too far behind with three slots.

Raczilla- Julio Jones Prototype

Its ability, Rac' Em Up allows you to win RAC catches versus single coverage--a popular choice for defensive players. This will only make the opponent more nervous when you fully upgrade the 5 wide receiver release skill slots, if you are using the receiver as running backs, Raczilla provides four upgradeable slots for power running, which means your jukes will be very deceptive.

The Blanket- Bobby Wagner prototype

Bobby Wagner- inspired skill tree has the ability to balance all the main stats on your character. There are three points for Hit power, press, and coverage skills, and four for speed. "Zone Hawk" is its main ability, and it is the most controversial ability, with a high-rate chance of interceptions in zone coverage. In terms of offense, we recommend that you use this prototype for a slot receiver, a position is where you can complete short catches and take-off later.

Jacked Up – Jamal Adams prototype

The build of Jacked Up is almost the same as Blanket, but its skill tree depends more on defensive skills. It also has "Zone Hawk", but instead of emphasizing speed, it has four skill slots for tackling.

Brick Wall – Ray Lewis prototype

It is designed for linebackers, this prototype ditches all speed for strength in tackling. Therefore, if you're something like 5'10, then this build will ultimately ineffective because other people will trample you under feet. We believe this is the best defensive build because you will have an astonishing 5 skill slots for blocking and hit power.

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