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Madden NFL 21: How To QB Slide In It?

Madden 21 has been released, and many players have had their first impressions after experiencing it firsthand.


But because EA has an absolute monopoly on the football video game market, there is no reason to innovate. They upgraded the graphics engine, added some new processing mechanisms, and then it was over.

Since Madden 21 is so bad, all players can do is pray. Pray that EA will really do this game well one day. Many players can only continue to play it because Madden 21 is not just a game for players, it is money! We bought it for so much money, and now we can't just throw it away.

In Madden 21, knowing how to QB slide means the difference between a clutch scramble and a costly fumble, so it is important that you know how to slide with a quarterback to avoid turning the ball over to your opponent.

To slide with the quarterback in Madden 21, you'll first need to make sure you are doing this in the right situation, which means you have to cross the line of scrimmage and running with the quarterback if you hold the dive button (Square/X), QB will dive head forward, which often results in a fumble if they collide with defenders on the play. So don't do it! Instead, just tap the dive button (Square/X) to give up QB sliding. This will ensure that the QB's feet-first and actively end the play to avoid potential collisions with bruising defenders.

You can also slide with other ball carriers such as running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends by holding R2/RT+L2/LT+Square/X. This will allow players in skill position to similarly give up on a play, which may be needed in a situation where you need to get down and call a timeout or just avoid an attempted ball strip from the defense.

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