Madden NFL 21: How To Spotlight Receiver
Madden NFL 21: How To Spotlight Receiver

Madden 21 is the latest entry in the annual sports franchises. Its gameplay is typically the same as in the past. There are still many gameplay mechanics that many people will not pay attention to or even know their existence, such as the spotlight a receiver feature.

How to spotlight receiver

Spotlighting a receiver can make them the focus of your defense to stop, which can help shut them down if they are catching any and everything. This process requires many steps to pull off. If you don't know how to do it, you may be hard to find.

To start off, you need to press Triangle to bring up the Secondary pre-snap adjustments menu. From here, you can press X to select Individual and this will bring up an additional menu. On this one, press the corresponding button for the receiver that you want to spotlight. After you press that button, a new menu will come up, where you can press X to spotlight and that will then spotlight that receiver for you on that one play.

But the disadvantage is that if the opponent grasps your weakness, your other defense areas will also become vulnerable. This is the reason why you can not spotlight the receiver throughout the game, because you will often be defeated in other areas of the field. What you should do instead if sparingly try and use it when you think that player is going to be the target on a play. 

It is also a good idea to let the CPU handle this part of the field, you can help cover the gaps yourself to help yourself.

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