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Madden NFL 21- How To Stop Screen Passes

Aug 25, 2020

In football, the screen pass is a very interesting concept, because it combines passing and rushing game together, while also going against the grain in another way. Screens are excellent ways to fight blitz, but sometimes they're hard to stop at times on the other side. Like many game types in Madden 21, there is no way to prevent the screen passes, but we have some suggestions to try and help out.

How To Stop Screen Passes

The way the screen pass works are that the offensive line is supposed to be blocking the incoming defensive lineman and linebackers, rather than let them breakthrough and come right for the quarterback. At this time, the running back, wide receiver, or tight end that the play is set up to get the ball to will get around the defenders quickly and should be open for you to throw to. When the opponent blitzes in every game, screenplays are the best utilizes as a defenders maneuver, but if you don't know how to stop it, it can also be deadly.

First, the area you focus on here is the flat, which is where the plays typically usually end, and you want someone to be there and ready. If you are playing a typical Cover 3 defense, the defender will step back too far, leaving too much space for the player to get the screen at least the first time. This is why you want to have players to cover at least one flat, preferably on both sides. They can still bypass you, but this will at least slow them down usually.

Another way to try to organize the opponent's screen passes is to move to man defense. Zone defense relies on covering certain areas of field specifically, while man defense makes each player responsible for one of the other offensive players on the opposing side. Through the use of man defense, there will be a dedicated player following QB trying to get the screen pass too. This does not guarantee that they can juke past the defender, but it forces them to be more alert.

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