Madden 21 adds A New Superstar X-Factor Ability to Aaron Donald
Madden 21 adds A New Superstar X-Factor Ability to Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald has been one of the most consistently dominant players in the NFL for the last few years, which is reflected in his Madden ratings. He's in the 99 Club for the fourth year in a row, earning a 99 overall rating again in "Madden NFL 21".

As one of the best players in the game, Donald also has the X-factor ability, which is Madden's second feature, giving some elite players special abilities that will be activated by recording data, such as snacks, pass breaks, and rushing yards. If you want to unlock these abilities quickly in Madden 21, go to GameMS and buy MUT 21 Coins.

Donald's superstar ability this year is called "Blitz", which is activated when he records two sacks during a match. The reward is that all opposing blockers have their resistance bars wiped when Donald is "in the zone", making it much easier to break through the line of scrimmage.

Donald is the only player with the "Blitz" ability and is one of only 14 defenders with superstar abilities in "Madden NFL 21". With this X-factor and a 99 overall rating, Donald will be in the backfield often – whether you're the one using him or if you're playing against him. Because players have realized Donald's advantages, and every player wants to improve his/her own team's chances of winning.

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