Madden 21: Why Should We Concern About The Next-Gen Version?
Madden 21: Why Should We Concern About The Next-Gen Version?

All things considered, it's been a tough year to be a Madden fan. The franchise mode is still underdeveloped, and changes aren't coming until November, and those only scrape the surface of fixing what ails the feature. The game has been buggy since launch, and every patch seems to break something else with the game. As it is, when or shortly after the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are released, the next level of Madden 21 will arrive.

Current-Gen Version Has Been Buggy

If EA has had issues providing a functional version of Madden 21 on current-gen systems-despite just a few noticeable changes to the traditional structure-what are we to expect from the game on entirely new hardware?

Developing on a New Console, During a Pandemic

The pandemic has impacted just about everything on Earth, so game development isn't exempt. No matter what adjustments were made in the development of the game on next-gen, it seems unlikely there won't be some sort of fallout directly or indirectly related to devs working from home.

Team Still Working on Cleaning Up Issues From Current-Gen

EA is still trying to get a handle on bugs in the current-gen version. Meanwhile, we're less than 60 days away from the release of the game on next-gen.

It seems reasonable to assume the resources dedicated to putting out current-gen fires might detract from the attention being paid to ironing out some potential early issues with next-gen Madden.

We Haven't Even Seen a Player's FACE Yet!

Visuals are always a major selling point with new consoles, and a lot of the value in this vein will be associated with player faces. Well, we haven't seen one yet. All we've seen is Tom Brady and DeVante Adams' back.

It makes me wonder if they feel confident about the work in this important area-at least as it pertains to generating the wow factor.

Despite this, Madden fans are still full of expectations for this game and hope the team can surprise everyone. If there is the latest news about Madden 21, GAMEMS will update the news in time!

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