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Madden 21: Who Are The Best Base Safeties?

To build a strong secondary that will shut down the opponent's offense, just having good corners are not enough. Safeties set the tone for the remaining secondary settings, which means you will want to go deep into these positions in order to succeed in the Madden Ultimate Team. So who are the best base safeties in MUT?

Free Safeties

Devin McCourty

The highest-rated (85) base free safety in the Madden Ultimate Team, Devin McCourty of the Patriots, has many tools in his skill set that make him a valuable defensive back. The former Super Bowl champion also has solid Speed (84) and Acceleration attributes (85), both of which are very suitable for base cards.

In addition, McCourty also has 88 abnormal play recognition (88) and 88 area coverage attributes, which makes him have reliable safety in 3 blocks and 4 blocks. He may be the most expensive free safety player, but there is a reason. The free safety of the Patriots is a very valuable player.

Justin Reid

Justin Reid of Texas FS has some similarities with Minkah Fitzpatrick because he has fairly good Speed (86) and Acceleration (85) ratings. In fact, Reid's running attributes put him ahead of other players with higher overall ratings. This makes him not only a good value grab, but also a strong user option. The downside of Reid lies in his Play Recognition(77) and Zone Coverage (77) attributes, however, if you are looking for a free safety user in the secondary, Justin Reid may be worth a look.

Strong Safeties

Harrison Smith

The Vikings have established a dominant defense in recent years, and the best player in this area is undoubtedly S Harrison Smith. The highest rating (86) base strong safety in Madden 21, Smith has excellent Play Recognition (88) and Hit Power (85). He also has a high Zone Coverage (87) attribute, if you need a reliable area defender, he is a good choice.

Tyrann Mathieu

Mathieu has a solid Speed (84) for safety, which means he should have no problems moving around the secondary. However, Matthew's value lies in his Man Coverage (84) attribute, which is the highest among the Core Elite strong safeties.

Jamal Adams

Seahawks S Jamal Adams is right up there among the best strong safeties in the NFL. The 6'1'' safety has some impressive running attributes (85 Speed & 84 Acceleration), as well as a good Zone Coverage (84) rating. Adams can also hang with opposing wide outs in Man Coverage, thanks to his 80 rating on that front. But what might be Adams' most valuable asset is his ability to jar balls loose. The former Jet has a Hit Power rating of 88, the highest among Core Elite strong safeties. That would be great if you can get Jamal Adams on your squad.

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