Madden 21 Guide: Some Tips For MUT Beginners
Madden 21 Guide: Some Tips For MUT Beginners

It has been a while since the release of Madden 21. Although many players think Madden 21 is bad, Madden 21 is still the best-selling game in August. And the number of players has been increasing. For new players, they need to know some tricks and tips that can be tried in Madden 21.

Explore Sets

One area that MUT novices often overlook is the scene in the mode. These sets require specific cards to be obtained and placed inside them, and after completion, users will receive some kind of reward. Usually a certain amount of coins, a special card pack, or just a specific player. There is even an entire group of sets that let you turn in lower overall cards that aren't a part of your active lineup in exchange for a higher overall. This is a great way to turn extra cards into useful supplements to your development roster.

Play Challenges

Challenges are the group of solo events that have players entering the game and trying to perform specific tasks. Depending on your proficiency, many of these operations can be done sequentially. In recent years, developers have made it possible to go from challenge to challenge without returning to the main menu, which is a welcome quality of life change.

Know Your Team

Like most video games, Madden players come in all shapes, sizes and preferences. Some players like to spread the offense out and focus on an all-out passing attack, while others like pound the rock and run the ball more than 30 times. Going to MUT, you need to know what type of offense and defense you like to run.

Don't Double Up

Whether through challenges or other MUT rewards, you will find that you have the opportunity to choose a specific player card from a group that you can acquire. It is important to take full advantage of these opportunities and not to double the positions you have already acquired.

Packs VS Players

Newbies to MUT often ask this question: how and when did you decide to focus on buying packs, and when should you invest in a single card? Everyone has their own methods, but the most common one is easy to understand. You should pay attention to quantity as early as possible so that you can build a level and respectable roster of mid-70s overall players. Once you have done this, it is best to focus on the upgrade of each position, starting with the spots that most directly affect your offensive and defensive styles.

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