Madden 21 Full Details: Release Date, Cover Athlete, Platforms And Gameplay
Madden 21 Full Details: Release Date, Cover Athlete, Platforms And Gameplay

During this time, we have been warming up the release of Madden 21, before it arrives, we collected comprehensive and effective information and showed in the guide, including its release date, cover athlete, gameplay, and so on.

The NFL is the e-sports that has been least affected by the coronavirus, so EA did not make delay for Madden 21 release, just a few days ago, EA finally confirmed the Madden 21 release date, along with FIFA 21, launching in Q2 2020, most likely to be some time from July 1 to September 30.

As early as EA released Madden 21's trailer, we all knew its cover athlete, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, who was NFL MVP scored well.

Until then, EA will release the next-gen consoles for Madden 21, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, also the players who have bought Madden 21 Xbox One can receive a free upgrade to Xbox Series X, while PlayStation 5 upgrade has not yet been confirmed by Sony.

From the trailer, we can take a look at the gameplay of Madden 21, compared to the previous season, the Xbox One controller seems to be more flexible, whether it is running or passing, it could create a sense of immersion for players, not a dominated simulating characters. Anyway, Madden 21 will get greatly improved from all aspects, making more features.

Madden NFL 21 is most likely to launch in August according to the practice, without waiting too long, we could play during the new season.

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