Madden 21: Details About The New Pass Rush Moves
Madden 21: Details About The New Pass Rush Moves

Madden 21early access is already live, I believe there should be players who can't wait to buy. In Madden 21, Pass Rush moves are the hottest new gameplay elements of the game that everyone can't wait to try.

Since it is one of Madden 21's biggest updates, if you have a certain understanding of it in advance, it can help you master it faster in the game.

Pass Rush Meter

The first thing you will notice about the new system is a bar with the words "PASS MOVES" and a small indicator with notches next to it.

Each play you can use these notches to make pass-rushing moves. But use them wisely, once they are used up you can’t do any rush moves.

As each play goes by, you will recover another notch of ability.

Pass Rush Buttons

The pass rush moves are now housed on the right stick.

Speed Rush – RT – Press this when you make contact and you will blow by the blocker. Finesse moves players will have the best success rate.

Rip – RS Up – This pulls the blocker toward the defender whilst he slides past. This works best with players with high finesse move ratings.

Bull Rush – RS Down – Press it when you contact the lineman and yo'll bump them back. This works best with players with high power move ratings.

Club/Swim – RS Left/Right – This pushing out the hands of the blocker and aggressively pushes them to the side. These work best with players rating high in power moves. Club happens more on contact, whereas swim is once contact has been engaged.

OL Blocking Meter 

If there is no way to deal with these moves, it would be unfair. You will notice that the OL also has an indicator to show their ability to defend against the rush moves. The meters have two sides, which shows which side they would be more vulnerable. The more colorful notches, the better they can block the rush moves. 

The more a rusher attacks the same side, the more the OL will gain strength in defending it. This will make repeat playback a thing of the past, and many fans should be happy. In the course of the game, the OL will get better and better. Makes the completions more stressful.

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