Madden 20 Ultimate Team Series 6 Details: Master, Level Cap, And House Rules
Madden 20 Ultimate Team Series 6 Details: Master, Level Cap, And House Rules

On March 20, Madden 20 Ultimate Team series 6 launched, revealing all information and content as the final series of Madden 20 before Madden 21 comes.

It introduces new challenges, players, House Rules, Store Offers and more in the Ultimate Team, if you haven't heard anything yet, read on.

As for who will become the master, it has been talked about a lot before the release of Series of MUT, in fact, it brings a competitive master to purchase in each new series, who is certainly an offensive player to maintain the back-and-forth, and with an HB and WR so far, so a quarterback or tight end would make sense.

Von Miller, Melvin Gordon, Devin McCourty, Brandin Cooks, and Joey Bosa, any one of them is powerful enough to become the master of series 6, but it turned out Delanie Walker, the Titans get another massive card with the rated 98 OVR master TE.

With series 6, its level cap has gone up to 99, along with more valuable rewards, such as the tokens to take Tory Holt and Pat Tillman to 99 OVR, a free full Ultimate Legend card and cheap pack deals as well.

Beyond that, it also added a new House Rules event in a limited time, requiring the players to complete missions and earn Free Agency players and trophies in the next five days.

The release of Series 6 represents the end of Madden 20, while the era of Madden 21 is about to start. But the Ultimate Team will not stop, it is the core content of Madden series. In the last period of Madden 20, you still have the chance to earn MUT 20 Coins and apply for Madden 21.

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