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Madden 20 Golden Ticket Program Is Live

Mar 10, 2020

How can you add a powerful card to Ultimate Team without the Golden Ticket Program? The NFL season is coming to an end, but the Ultimate Team has a long way to go. As a free agent promo, the Golden Ticket has always been the focus of fans, and now we finally know all of its details.

Golden Ticket Promo, an event to provide extra tickets for Madden fans, and in Madden 20, there will be just 20 Golden Tickets, 10 for Xbox players and 10 for PS4 ones who could complete the challenges on demand.

In 2020, Golden Ticket Promo is set to drop on Tuesday, March 10, 9 PM ET and Friday, March 13, 10 PM ET, requiring the participants to complete the Ultimate Challenges within one hour. And there might be several hours of time difference among so many regions.

The Ticket Ultimate Challenges will be a full game with three minute quarters, and the ones who complete can get a coin quicksell or the Golden Ticket collectible as rewards. With the collectible, you will have input into Madden creating a massive player card.

Honestly, the promo tests the skills and abilities in Ultimate Team, and of course, part of luck. Only 20 players have the chance to create the ideal card and give a boost to their favorite player when the promo comes to an end, at that time, the Golden Ticket players will go into packs as a permanent item in Madden 20.

According to common sense, it is the most likely to get the Golden Ticket players in the first 48 hours, in order to make it go more smoothly, a small amount of investment is necessary.
No one doesn't know the importance of Ultimate Team in Madden 20, involving purchasing packs, replacement items and contracts.

Buying and selling MUT 20 Coins has always been the concern of Madden players, GameMS has successfully solved the security issue in this regard, it has developed a security system to protect the consumers' right throughout the trading process, along with multiple types of payment methods. Anyway, it will not let customers bear any risk until the orders are completed.


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