How To Obtain Second-Faster Player Henry Ruggs III Card In Madden 21?
How To Obtain Second-Faster Player Henry Ruggs III Card In Madden 21?

Madden NFL 21 was set to be released on August 25, and revealed the player rating list, in which the Las Vegas Raiders rookie wide receiver Henry Ruggs III is rated the highest OVR and the second-faster player in Madden 21.

As you already know, players in the Madden series are rated differently according to their position and ability, and big names like Henry Ruggs III are very precious, it can give your team a significant boost adding them to the lineup.

Henry Rugg ran an official time of 4.27 seconds in his first attempt at the 40 in the NFL combine, rated 98 speed rating, second only to Chief Tyreek Hill at 99 in last year's game.

Ruggs is a 76 OVR with high speed, making him useful on screens and slants, especially in the Madden 21 arena. When the NFL season happens this fall, you'll soon start Madden 21 with Ruggs who will be in his rookie year, tied with Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow as the highest overall.

Such influential cards among players are essential to build a dream team, so how to obtain Henry Ruggs III cards in Madden 21.

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