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How To Drop Nukes On NPC In Fallout 76 Wastelanders Expansion?

After Fallout 76 release, it did not attract enough player base in a short period due to the lack of storyline and vivid characters, which also made Fallout 76 become a singe-player game. That is to say, everyone can create their own separate stories and play different roles in the game, but the worst issue is that even if they are not in the game, all of which can still happen. So the integration of all player experience to form a story line has become the most urgent mission of Bethesda.

Story start with when Bethesda mentions in an announcement to release the first-ever update for Fallout 76, Wastelanders, and the addition of fully voiced human NPC, designed to selectively talk with players and complete quests more quickly through the dialogue system.

With Wastelanders, it has also added new weapons and equipment system, of which dropping nukes is one of the most advertised parts. Usually, the players in Fallout 76 can drop nukes by obtaining codes and then picking a target they want to obliterate with players then able to deal with the aftermath of the attack by facing new creatures that then inhabit the irradiated area. And with the human NPC, they would respond accordingly as the players drop nukes.

The nuke was not the first time to appear in Fallout 76 updates, and it is still available in Wastelanders, the best method to protect themselves is to jump into the hazmat suits for NPCs.
There are two newly added factions, Raiders and Settles, which are comprised of NPCs, so all could interact with any group of NPCs at will.

On the faction's settlement, if players are allowed to drop nukes, NPC s will behave the same, and there is a reputation system in Wastelanders update, all could get the repercussions after dropping a nuke on the Raider or Settler's area.

Wastelanders will come to Fallout 76 on April 7.

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