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Headache of price Meso in the MapleStory M community in Vietnam

Sep 22, 2018
Meso is a basic currency in MapleStory M that has many uses such as buying, reloading, upgrading. Because NPH does not apply in-game currency policy, Meso is a money that can be traded between players.


Since then, the market for Meso coin in the MapleStory M community in Vietnam has grown tremendously.


In the first days of launch, the price of Meso in the game is quite stable and many gamers traded at 30k VND / 1 million Meso.


As time goes on, quite a lot of players adopt the farm style to plow Meso make the amount of Meso in the game more and more. Sellers are therefore more competitive, harder to sell so many players have lowered the price to 20k to compete, sell faster.


This quickly received the attention of many sellers. And most of the gamers holding Meso at 30k are said that the valuation of 20k of Meso is now affecting many sellers by open loss has seen several million loss due to dumping.


However, many players have been involved in the argument that trading is a player's deal and the right to sell is entirely up to the seller's decision, as long as they are happy to trade with each other.


Dumping has long been a no-brainer in many multiplayer games. And now the issue is still a hot topic in the MapleStory M community in Vietnam.

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