Get Ready For NBA 2K21: easy ways to crossover you should know
Get Ready For NBA 2K21: easy ways to crossover you should know

With the arrival of NBA 2K21, let's take a look at the practical and easy skills of crossover in NBA 2K20. These skills will help you stand out in the game and make better preparations for NBA 2K21.

1.Fake shots

Quickly push the right rocker and release it to cast a fake shot. The fake shot action can deceive the opponent. When the opponent jumps, you can slip past the defender.

In NBA 2K20, In order to make the fake projection more realistic, it is better to use it with the back movement, that is, press the shift key to back the body first, and then perform the fake projection. It should be noted that the players behind their backs will still face the opponent's basket. At this time, it is best to push the left rocker to adjust the direction immediately and make a quick breakthrough.

However, if you make multiple fake shots in one action, it is easy to be seen through. It is best to make a breakthrough or project after two or less.

It should be noted that in NBA 2K20, after receiving the ball and then making a fake shot, the player can still continue to dribble. But if the player dribbles the ball for a distance, then makes a fake shot. At this time, you must be careful not to push the left rocker, otherwise, you may be punished. The rule may also apply in NBA 2K21.

2.stop and course change

In NBA 2K20, players can run tirelessly, and their movements are almost inaccurate, so you have to make good use of this feature to maximize your advantage in NBA 2K20.

First, you must dribble the ball at high speed, you can make a stop when you are at a distance from the defender and then change course.

The course change action is best to cooperate with the cross-leg  dribble so that your crosscutting will be faster and also have a certain suddenness.

The stop and course change actually take a lot of risks, so when dribbling, you should not be too close to the opponent's defending player, keep a certain distance from the opponent , and make a  stop and change course to make your opponent lose position. Once you find that your opponent's defense is flawed, you can take the opportunity to break-in. This kind of difficult operation should be done by professional basketball stars with real strength. If you want to increase the success rate, go to GAMEMS and buy some basketball players' cards. 

However, many players are very experienced in defense. If you want to win the game, the best way is to go to GAMEMS to buy NBA 2K20 MT. You can buy any basketball star card you want at a low price.

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