GOOD or BAD? BOTH! Madden 21 Face Of The Franchise Review
GOOD or BAD? BOTH! Madden 21 Face Of The Franchise Review

A few weeks have passed since the release of Madden 21. Many people have different opinions on Face of Franchise. Some people enjoy it a lot, while others think it is bad. I think it has good and bad.

The Good

1. Potential

Like most NFL draft prospects, the key is not what kind of player they are now, but what kind of person they will become with the right training and development.

There are options to create your player and work his way from a high school prospect to NFL superstar seems to be a winning formula. EA must now continue to implement new and exciting ways to keep gamers engaged. Allowing players to change positions this year is a much-needed change. The added storylines are also very exciting. However, I guess most players would prefer to see each position trigger their unique storylines and objectives.

2. High School

Last year, gamers directly participated in the action at the university level. In Madden 21, EA will return to the player's development, starting with your prospect's early years in high school. Players can name the high school they like, which is a double-edged sword as you might imagine. However, it is good to be able to start their career in high school, which also allows players to increase their stats in novice difficulty.

3. 40-Yard Dash and Press Conferences

Now, the player you create can try to break the record of John Ross and show a team, such as the Raiders, that you belong in the NFL. If we can see more combined drills added in the next generation of Madden, that would be better.

There is also a key press conference that will help NFL teams better understand what type of player you are, all of which are good supplements.

The Bad

1. College Football

Without another NCAA game appearing, EA continues to let gamers guess which collegiate team they used in Madden21. But the most frustrating thing is that they haven't even implemented a basic version of NCAA here.

There are already NCAA teams in the game, why stop at just a few games at the collegiate level? This is really puzzling.

2. Customization

When playing Face of the Franchise, the primary objective is to create a legacy for your create-a-player. So, as you might expect, having good choices to express yourself accurately is the most important thing. Unfortunately, EA did not meet gamers' expectations in this regard.

Not only are most of these models the same ones that have been regurgitated for many installments, nut most of the options fall flat. 

When I know about this, I'm like: Umm, is that all? Really?


In short, we hope that EA can continue to develop and improve its advantages, and its shortcomings are also hoped to be changed as soon as possible. This will give gamers a better gaming experience.

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