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Experience the new version of MapleStory M

Sep 21, 2018

After nearly two months of launch, MapleStory M has not disappointed fans in succession to prove its position on every front. Of course, with attractive gameplay, bright graphics, fun storyline ... MapleStory M has completely inherited the charm of the "Dwarf Adventure Adventure" on the PC and even promoted it to a high new. At present, MapleStory M has once again made a splash with fans, launching an extremely exciting new version with the appearance of new members of the same name. a series of extremely interesting features. Here, let's take a closer look at how these new things will bring about MapleStory M:

New character: Swordmaster

Obviously, the first thing that can not be ignored is the Knights of the Rosary. This is a completely new online character game, born in a new world, has its own online bosses and will definitely bring players a special fun experience.

To become a Swordmaster, you must build a new character along this line. There are a total of 5 classes of the Divine Knights, including Warriors of Dawn, Wind Turbine, Shadowed Nightmare, Fire Witch and Thunderclan Thunderbolt. Each of these characters has a different weapon system and skill than the previous version's Detective. It is not possible to say which characters are stronger or weaker, but it is clear that the new characters will give the player a more special and exciting experience than the old characters.

After completing the character building, the player will appear at Ereve - a completely new "novice" with strange strings, simple, but equally interesting. Specifically, in the sequel to the new player, players will also be gradually exposed to the new storyline of the Knights of Cygnus, which is Queen Cygnus and Witch Night. Your ultimate mission is nothing less than protecting the queen and destroying the evil power that submerges the world in the dark.

Similar to the Explorers, each of them has a specialized skill system with different abilities and backgrounds. Increasingly high, these skills will be more effective and visual effects will also become extremely beautiful. Unfortunately, within the limited experience period, the writer has not been able to reach these heirloom missions

Increased solidarity in the Association

The new version of MapleStory also gives players another very important new feature, the Dungeon. Here, players in the guild will have the opportunity to fight with Papulatus, a Boss that if defeated will receive a certain amount of GP (Association Points). This is a special kind of "resource" that allows players to shop for themselves in the Shop, or to help upgrade the guild. In general, in order for a Society to become strong in MapleStory M, members will have to work together to "farm the Association" and contribute to the Association. This "farm" will also be an opportunity for members to stick together and become a real family.

The event celebrates the new version

In addition to the new updates, in this version, MapleStory M also offers the "Tree of Life", an event that allows players to receive countless types of useful buffs based on the level of the player. Note, the rank applied in this event is, in fact, the total rank of the characters in the same account. In addition, players can acquire the passive skills needed to grow characters in ranks. Obviously, this is a maximum support system for gamers. In addition, in this version, MapleStory M also brings countless other events with many attractive gifts for gamers.


In short, this new version of MapleStory M is an extreme version that will bring fans of the most innovative and exciting experiences. Believing that, with the arrival of new characters, new features and new content for character growth and community-based story-building, MapleStory M will once again confirm its position. in the heart of Vietnamese gamers.

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